Manchester United 2007 - 2008 'Champions League Final Moscow' Home Shirt (Very good) S

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ConditionVery good
PlayersRooney, Tevez, Vidic, Giggs, Anderson, Ronaldo
Condition DetailsNoticeable unstitching on the collar, few bobbles, three small pulls on the collar, some iron marks, badges are stitched, slight cracking to sponsor, sleeve patch is great, size details are great

The Manchester United 2007-2008 'Champions League Final Moscow' home shirt (very good) S is a highly sought-after piece of football history. This iconic shirt represents a pivotal moment in Manchester United's illustrious journey to the Champions League final in Moscow. The shirt features the renowned red design that symbolizes the club's rich heritage and unwavering spirit.

The Manchester United 2007-2008 'Champions League Final Moscow' home shirt (very good) S holds immense value for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its scarcity, combined with its remarkable quality, makes it a prized possession in any football memorabilia collection. This shirt serves as a tangible link to an unforgettable era in Manchester United's history, making it a must-have for devoted supporters and passionate admirers of the club.

Owning this retro Man Utd shirt is not merely about possessing a piece of cloth; it's about capturing the essence of an iconic team, reliving historic moments, and celebrating the spirit of Manchester United.