About Us

     If you come to this page, we can assume that you are not indifferent to vintage shirts. Or maybe you just love sports. Or you want to make a gift to an important person. In any case, you can be sure that you are in the right place now. It’s not just a business for us, but a real passion.

Perhaps you already knew us earlier by the work on eBay  and are one of thousands of satisfied customers, or maybe our acquaintance with you is yet to come. By human standards, and by the standards of honoured companies, we are still very young, because we started work in 2011, and we have been working in our current form only since 2014.

But we managed to form our principles of work, which we kept before and will continue to keep in future.

Here they are:

  1. No customer question should be left out of our attention. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an answer to any of your questions within 24 hours, whether it’s additional information about the product, or you want to make a bulk order. Or you want to make a search request for something unique. You can send a message to us.

  2. . Individual approach to each client not in words but in deeds. Do you have questions about delivery? Do you want to make a gift to somebody who has been a fan of Arsenal for 30 years? Don’t doubt that we’ll find a solution. Your needs would be satisfied in the best way with using our big experience in vintage shirts.

  3. The quality and authenticity of the items we’re selling must be beyond compromise. Since 2011, we’ve gained a lot of experience in authenticity and quality of clothes, so we’ll protect you from the purchase of low-quality copies. All items displayed on our site are original and with complete condition description.

  4. We don’t want to be only a new site with shirts and nothing more. Our goal is to be a good friend and your personal expert in the world of vintage shirts and jerseys. Subscribe to our social pages and you’ll find here and be sure that you can find interesting things for everyone. Exciting stories of shirts, sponsorships, brands, designs and pleasant gifts for our subscribers are guaranteed.

      Experience and passion for us are not just empty words. Since the start of our activity in 2011, we are constantly learning something new in our direction, have gained a lot of friends and satisfied customers, and at the same time we are developing our own collection, because I think that it’s impossible to make this business without having an experience as a collector. We received thousands of positive comments on eBay, and now we intend to continue the positive experience on the own site. This is not just a transition to a new platform - we want to improve our work in all directions. The level of product, service, ease of use of the platform - all of this would be moved on a completely different level. And we hope to acquire not just new customers, but friends. So, we’ll be happy to see old and new customers here and provide the highest level of service and an extensive range of goods. Football, hockey, basketball jerseys are presented in our store in big variety and for good prices. So, we hope to satisfy all your expectations. We know how to do it! 

Sincerely yours,

VSF Team


Vintage Sports Fashion