• Celebrate Bundesliga comeback with your favourite shirts!

    Celebrate Bundesliga comeback with your favourite shirts!

    German Comeback

    Dear guests and customers!

  • VSF changes due to COVID-19

    VSF changes due to COVID-19

    Dear friends!

    Unfortunately, all of us are in difficult situation in relation to the dissemination of coronavirus around the world. This affects on our work too, which we don't stop and continue to proceed your orders. Ukrainian mail still sends parcels all over the world and that's good news.

    The main issue that delivery of parcels takes about 1.5-2 times longer than usual. In any case, we have no plans to stop working and are happy to send your favorite jerseys as before. But, if you need shirts for a gift or on a certain date, please, contact us before making purchase and we'll definitely try to find the best solution.

    As before, express delivery is available upon individual request.

  • Black attention!

    Black attention!

    Black Friday is coming tomorrow in few hours. We can't stand by and want to make a special offer for vintage shirts' lovers:


    More than 5000 items with special price. Sounds great, isn't it?

    Black offer is available from Friday (29, November) till Tuesday (03, December) for 4 days. It's really great opportunity to complete collection or prepare a special Christmas gift. We are waiting for old and new members of Vintage Sports Fashion family!     

    30% discount is active in all sections of