• Black attention!

    Black attention!

    Black Friday is coming tomorrow in few hours. We can't stand by and want to make a special offer for vintage shirts' lovers:


    More than 5000 items with special price. Sounds great, isn't it?

    Black offer is available from Friday (29, November) till Tuesday (03, December) for 4 days. It's really great opportunity to complete collection or prepare a special Christmas gift. We are waiting for old and new members of Vintage Sports Fashion family!     

    30% discount is active in all sections of

  • Valencia, Italians and some childhood memories

    Valencia, Italians and some childhood memories

    Have you ever wondered why you started to support your team or how you chose favorite player? Let’s drop glory hunters’ motivation (and, to be honest, they often presents in one form or another). If we scratched deep through, most of us make their choice in childhood, with the help of the relatives, chance! So, actually it happened to me and with my favorite player, whose game in live edition I almost missed. This player was Stefano Fiore.

    As I’ve written before, I started to get involved in football, when I turned 12. Before that, my heart was entirely given to Formula 1 (in fact, even by the efforts of Kimi Raikkonen, this love is maintained). And in 2005, with the help of Metalurg Zaporizhzhya, FIFA 2005 and Thierry Henry, I began to be seriously interested in football. I sometimes heard from television reports about a scorer which I never heard b

  • Do You Love German Football?

    Do You Love German Football?

    There are lot of brands in the world of football shirts. And the local brands should sometimes to stand out. Someone makes a special material (greetings to Kappa with unlimited love for elastane, which is also transmitted to Puma and Macron), someone takes authority in other areas (like Under Armour and New Balance). Everyone wants to grab a piece of cake. The most obvious and best for the fans is to make a stunning design!

    And the German company Do You Football was noted here with the best hand. It would seem to us what to expect from Bochum, for the whole history of which only rainbow variants of the end of the 90’s were