I cannot upload the theme to my Magento alerts that the file is too big to upload, what is the problem?

1/ Download the package from themeforest.net (the file is in zip format)

2/ Extract the file you’ve just downloaded.

3/ Find this file from the extracted data: theme_name_package_1_0_X.zip, then you just need to upload this file to your Magento Admin.

What I have to do when I need your support?

To save your time and reach our support quickly, please follow below steps:

1/ Create a admin account for us.

2/ Capture screenshot or video for the issue you get.

3/ Specify which template and version you are using.

4/ Describe clearly how to reproduce the issue. 5/ Send all information (staff account, screenshot, video, template name and version, description of the issues, link) to [email protected]

Would assistance be available to upload the template if needed?

Yes, we will assist you to install the template if needed

Do you guys offer customisation services for your themes?

Yes, we do. Please send your customisation requests to [email protected], we will give you our quote. Thank you.

Can I turn on/off Lazy Loading Image / Item Animation / Fade Up on the page?

YYes. You can turn on/off the animation in the Setting page.

Can I turn on/off some blocks on the page?

Yes. You can turn on/off almost any blocks on the page (featured products, slideshow, banners, related products, recent products,…).