Do You Love German Football?
Do You Love German Football?

There are lot of brands in the world of football shirts. And the local brands should sometimes to stand out. Someone makes a special material (greetings to Kappa with unlimited love for elastane, which is also transmitted to Puma and Macron), someone takes authority in other areas (like Under Armour and New Balance). Everyone wants to grab a piece of cake. The most obvious and best for the fans is to make a stunning design!

And the German company Do You Football was noted here with the best hand. It would seem to us what to expect from Bochum, for the whole history of which only rainbow variants of the end of the 90’s were outstanding?   

But in 2009 we got several cool options at once. The home striped kit looked so that it was drawn to wear in everyday life with jeans. 

And pink (atypical for football clubs) was suitable for a party, for example. Well, except that the sponsor on it, as for me, is too big and stands out from the complete picture. 

A year later, a smoky home form was presented (as well as an away form). Denim motifs in football was very unusual to see, especially against the background of predominantly orthodox designs, to which leading brands came in zero.


It's a pity that all this magnificence was short-lived, and since 2011 Bochum once again dressed in Nike's patterned models, which is extremely sad from the point of view of a football-lover. But we completely forgot about the cherry on the cake!     

After St. Pauli's return to the elite of German football in 2010, everyone who loves football was waiting not only fot the reckless fans, but also the corresponding shirts design too. And they exceeded expectations! Do You Football made two unforgettable sets. Away white kit has been old-fashioned stylized with laces on the collar, referring us to the times when these laces were not only on the football uniform, but also on the match balls. 


But home version is too gorgeous! Not only because is was reversible (it seems that we began to slowly forget what is this), it also can be named a whole work of art, because from the insidepart were captured various moments from the history of the club and the fan movement. Yes, some other clubs did the same, but only Do You Football made it maximally organically, so, it didn'l look like a printing from the cellar. It seems to me that this kit would take a huge place in the modern art museum. 

Unfortunately, the results of the clubs did not correlate with the designs, and now both teams have other kit suppliers. But these shirts exactly occupy a worthy place in the hall of fame of International football design. And it's very nice that this work was done by the small brand, not by the huge corporation as Nike or Adidas. And, by the way, the quality of the material is very good :)